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Brake cleaner safety issues
10 October 2022
Sinatec Europe

How safe is my brake cleaner?
Take the test now.

Brake cleaner is widely used in the motor vehicle, damage, body, tire and wheel industry. Of course to clean brakes, but often also to clean all kinds of other things. But is that safe? Most brake cleaners contain carcinogens and of course you don't want to work with that. And you don't have to, because there are better alternatives these days. How safe is your brake cleaner? Do the check now and you'll know in a few minutes.

‘I want the safest things for my employees’

As an employer you are legally obliged to provide a safe and healthy workplace. So it is important that you know which products you have and which substances your employees work with.

What can you do?

Check the safety data sheet (SDS) of the brake cleaner you use so that you know exactly what is in it. Don't have the VIB yet? Then you can request the most current version free of charge from your supplier.
Do the check to see if your brake cleaner contains carcinogens.
If there are carcinogens in the brake cleaner, you are legally obliged to replace it with a better alternative. Fortunately, they are available.
Also make sure that your employees handle the brake cleaner with care; also with the less harmful variants. For example, by ensuring that the brake cleaner is not used unnecessarily, by properly ventilating the work areas and by using the correct personal protective equipment.
Don't worry, Sinatec has the right products in its range. The Motip brake cleaners meet the requirements!

View the website here for all information and the test: